Testing out the imported X68000!

Testing out the imported X68000!

March 16, 2023 0 By retrogamingdev

Testing out the imported X68000!
Let’s put the Sharp X68000 through its paces and see how this “Amiga Killer” handles games, music, graphics, and video! Setbacks & solutions, GBS-Control & OSSC upscalers, and BlueSCSI V2.

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00:00 Introduction
00:50 A Peek Inside
06:44 Export Restrictions
07:20 GBS-Control
09:08 First Power Up
10:27 Display Woes
12:50 Testing Floppy Drive and Soft Power
14:24 Display Woes 2 and the OSSC
18:21 Puyo Puyo
19:30 Copy that Floppy!
21:36 Testing the Included Word Processor
23:41 SCSI Options
24:33 BlueSCSI V2
25:09 Creating SCSI images via Emulation
28:43 Game Controllers
30:24 Classic Arcade Games
32:11 Newer Arcade Games
34:24 Converting the Mouse to a Trackball
36:33 Shoot em Ups
39:45 Racing and Superscaler Games
41:56 Other Interesting Games
44:58 Music, Graphics, and Video
48:05 Conclusion

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