The Best of the Best on the Sega Genesis

The Best of the Best on the Sega Genesis

November 22, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

The Best of the Best on the Sega Genesis
Nothing but the absolute top-of-the-line.

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Opening “Sega” jingle is from Astal for the Sega Saturn.

Ending Music during the credits is from Batman for the Sega Genesis.

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By: Jan Neves
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Intro by Evan S.

Episode Notes:

1. Games captured on real hardware and FPGA devices.

2. Here is a list of the first “finished” draft with more runner-ups.

Best Puzzle Game – Puyo Puyo, BlockOut, Lemmings
Best Sports Game – Tecmo Super Bowl, NHL 94, Mutant League Football
Best Racing Game – Lotus Series, OutRun, Top Gear 2, Rock N Roll Racing
Best RPG – Sword of Vermillion, Crusader of Centy, Beyond Oasis
Best Shoot’em Up – Eliminate Down, Gleylancer, Thunder Force III
Best Platformer – Sonic 3, Dynamite Headdy, Castle of Illusion, Quackshot
Best Action Game – Earthworm Jim, Rocket Knight Adventures
Best Run n’ Gun – Alien Soldier, Target Earth, Adv. Batman & Robin
Beast Beat’em Up – Streets of Rage 3, Splatterhouse 3, Mazin Saga
Best Fighting Game – Fatal Fury 2, Super SF2, Mortal Kombat II
Best Arcade Port – Virtua Racing, Strider, Super Hang-On
Best Sound – Revenge of Shinobi, Castlevania Bloodlines, Streets of Rage
Best Graphics – Red Zone, Toy Story, Pulseman, Lost World, Panorama Cotton

3. If I get a good response to this video, I may do a viewer edition.
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