The Early Days of Sega’s Genesis

December 11, 2020 0 By retrogamingdev

The Early Days of Sega’s Genesis
This is a special video that chronicles my earliest experiences with the Sega Genesis. It’s very personal and some of these views would change over time, but in 1989, it was all brand new to me.

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Episode Notes:

1. Captured on the Mega SG.

2. While I remember playing these games quite well back then, I do not recall the exact order or dates. The video was setup to just go through a bunch of those earliest games to tell a cohesive story.

3. I own every game in this video. Despite not caring for some of them, they are so engrained into my experience with the platform, I had to have em.

4. I would own the Turbografx 16 shortly after the Genesis the following year(1990). Supporting both systems on my meager budget proved impossible however, forcing me to focus almost entirely on the Genesis until the following year.

5. I did a video some years back called Before the SNES – A Sega Genesis Story. It focused on games early in the systems life as well. I wanted to kinda redo that one to focus more on the earliest games, as you really don’t hear a lot about them anymore.
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