The PS Classic Doesn’t suck anymore, here’s why.

The PS Classic Doesn’t suck anymore, here’s why.

June 19, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

The PS Classic Doesn’t suck anymore, here’s why.
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The Playstation Classic Mini console when it first came out was a failure. No one bought it, it had very lackluster emulation, It had almost zero options, and the games on the PS classic weren’t great. But, what if there was a way to get more games on PS Classic? What if you could mod the PS classic and jailbreak it to get Retroarch running on it, play PSP games on the PS classic, and even run windows on it! Now you can! With Project Eris, it’s never been easier to jailbreak your PS Classic. And, in this video, I show you what you can dow with a jailbroken PS Classic, how easy it is to mod it, and everything you’ll need to get your PS classic setup.

0:00 Remember the PS Classic?
1:09 100K THANKS!
2:42 How to mod your PS Classic
5:09 How to add more games
7:04 Use a better emulator with Retroarch
8:55 Emulation Station
9:46 Wifi Connectivity
11:11 Other mods for PS Classic

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Low Profile Flash Drive:
8BitDo Controller Adapter:
OTG Adapter Hub:
Dualsense Controller:
Wifi adapter:

Project Eris Mod:
Retroarch Cores:

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