The soundtrack of Ocarina of Time, but it’s a prog rock concept album

The soundtrack of Ocarina of Time, but it’s a prog rock concept album

November 12, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

The soundtrack of Ocarina of Time, but it’s a prog rock concept album
What would Ocarina of Time sound like if it was written in the style of a prog rock concept album? “Tempo of Time” is a medley by myself and @Marc Papeghin that seeks to answer that question.

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So a little background on how this project came to be:

Marc and I have had a history of collaborations dating back to ~2013. After several of these, it became clear that we had what I thought was some pretty cool musical chemistry, so I pitched the idea of a collaboration; since we were both fond of these big, prog-epic style medleys I thought it would be cool to write and co-produce one together. The idea, in essence, was to take the music of one video game and turn it into one big, flowing piece of music. Funny enough, the “prog” part of this project wasn’t explicitly the genre that we were going for when writing it, but due to our common prog influences, that’s the form it naturally took (and I’m sure the prog fans out there will be able to pick out more than a couple references hidden in there) 😉

So why Ocarina of Time? Besides its popularity, OoT in hindsight was the perfect candidate for such a medley: for one it tells a great story, complete with a time-traveling hero fighting his way through a world full of mysterious creatures in order to rescue a princess from the grasp of evil. Most importantly though, the soundtrack and its connection to the story set a gold standard for video games, with timeless classics to be heard throughout the game. Even better, it’s clear that Koji Kondo himself was inspired by prog rock as evidenced by the musical style of some of the compositions.

Lastly, it’s pretty well known that the soundtrack of OoT has been covered to death in the VGM community, so it presented us with an challenge/opportunity to really get creative with the arrangements and try to do something that’s never been done with the soundtrack before. Some may prefer more the traditional arrangements, but I hope that many will also appreciate the unique spin we tried to throw on this classic.

This medley wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the following talented guest musicians, so be sure to check them out!

Chad Schwartz – Cello:
Romain Greffe – Keyboard:
​@insaneintherainmusic – Tenor Sax:
Jordy De Lat – Tenor Sax:
​@mutaアニソンサックス演奏 – Alto Sax:
​@Doug Perry – Vibraphone & Xylophone:
​@FamilyJules – Rhythm Guitar:
​@Songe – Lead Guitar Solo:
​@Lauren the Flute – Vocals:
​@TeraCMusic – Vocals:
Elizabeth Zharoff – Vocals:

(Everything else performed by myself and @Marc Papeghin )

1. Title Screen 0:00
2. Hyrule Field 2:03
3. Market 4:00
4. Fairy Navi 5:12
5. Battle 5:59
6. Song of Storms 7:47
7. Zelda’s Lullaby / Interlude 9:50
8. Song of Time 11:00
9. Shadow Temple 12:27
10. Chamber of Sages 16:40
11. Boss Battle 18:23
12. Ganondorf Battle 19:51
13. Gerudo Valley 21:39
14. Ganon Battle 24:05
15. Tempo of Time / Finale 26:18

Original Soundtrack composed by Koji Kondo

Arranged and produced by Dr. Pez and Marc Papeghin

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