The Story Of Super Mario World: A 30th Anniversary Retrospective

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The Story Of Super Mario World: A 30th Anniversary Retrospective
GTV 108 “The Story of Super Mario World” On November 21, 1990 The Super Famicom and Super Mario Bros. 4 were let out into the world!! Let’s celebrate!! (Chapter markers and more below)

0:00 GTV ID: The Leader of the Next Generation!
0:09 Intro! Here we go!!!
0:19 Act 1: The Story of Super Mario Bros. 4
19:35 CM 1: Super Famicom Debut, McDonald’s, Kirin Lemon
20:45 Act 2: Super Mario World-Wide
29:28 CM 2: Playing with Super Power, K-Mart has SNES
30:38 Act 3: The Legacy of Super Mario World
37:43 CM 3: Super Mario Advance 2 USA & Japan
38:54 Act 4: Yoshi’s Easter Eggs
43:13 CM 4: Mario’s Maze, Kurogane Mario Desk, Mario & Yoshi RC Cars
44:23 Act 5: Super Mario Bros. 3 VS Super Mario World
54:20 CM 5: Kirin Lemon 2, Yoshi’s Tongue, Mario Choco
55:16 Act 6: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green

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Partial transcript

On November 21st, 1990, Nintendo of Japan entered a new era. This day saw the debut of the new 16-Bit Super Famicom. A machine that was a quantum leap forward. Never had a home video game machine had the features that were on the Super Famicom. Scaling sprites, rotating backgrounds, orchestrated sound, a massive palette of colors and a new controller with 6 action buttons. On that first day, only 2 games were available for the Super Famicom. F-Zero and Super Mario Bros 4. Super Mario World!

For the first time, Nintendo could truly deliver the adventure for Mario they had always envisioned. And for the player at home, deliver massive, immersive, unforgettable experience.

The first announcements of a 16-bit machine came in September 1987 when Nintendo president, Hiroshi Yamauchi personally announced that a “Super” Family Computer was in development. At the same time, Nintendo began filing patents and trademarks for this new, Super, machine…..

A list of sources used to create this video:
Music by Qumu
SNES Music Classics
Some music taken from orchestrated soundtrack of Super Mario World as well as in game music. Other songs from Super Mario Bros. Pinball and Akihabara Electric Circus.
Some scans by Chris Covell He did a lot of research which prompted me to search out even more, that resulted in even more scans found from new sources.

Kalhi Balto contributed to the updated higher resolution scans of some images.

Nintendo of Japan’s NP site still exists!

Play the Mario 4 Beta ROM!

Some footage by: Dark Bowser 64, Nenriki, Long n play, Raven Xp, Nintendo Unity, Heisei Planet, Csepregi Ivan, Retro Robby. MArio and Yoshi anime footage by Cabusses Retro Obscurities. If I somehow left you out, please let me know I will amend it. It was a lot to keep track of. Backgrounds of the 3D stages by VR Human. 1991 CES footage by Digital Neo Human. In the Sonic 1 CM, Larry Cedar played Denita Stokes, the HAG!!
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