The Useless World of PS1 Accessories – Caddicarus

The Useless World of PS1 Accessories – Caddicarus

May 14, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

The Useless World of PS1 Accessories – Caddicarus
809 camera shots in 4k resolution. 9 hours 21 minutes of total filmed footage. A broken Caddy. All for PlayStation 1 accessories. Get your Exclusive NordVPN deal here: It’s risk-free with Nord’s 30-day money-back guarantee! Thanks for sponsoring the video! ▼ MORE BELOW ▼

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Oh my, this one took a lot out of me. Get ready for Caddicarus The Movie – we breached 90 minutes. 809 shots were filmed covering 9 hours and 21 minutes worth of total filmed footage to get this done – and all so that I could show off all of the worst PS1 accessories and worst PS1 controllers you can find. Or the best PS1 accessories and best PS1 controllers – it’s really up to you. PlayStation accessories are weird. PlayStation controllers are great. Caddy shows off everything here from the Optec Cockpit controller and Jet De Go controller to the G Con 45 light and Madcatz steering wheel. From the PS1 link cable for Wipeout 2097 multiplayer to the Guitar Freaks controller that would go on to inspire Guitar Hero and Rockband. He plays everything he’s supposed to like Die Hard Trilogy light gameplay, Point Blank light gameplay, Resident Evil Survivor light gameplay and Time Crisis light gameplay – but then also doesn’t, like using the Jungle Book dance mat or PS1 dance mat to play Spyro 3 and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. He’ll play Reel Fishing 2 with the PS1 fishing rod, but also play Nightmare Creatures with it. He’ll play Densha De Go PS1 gameplay with the PS1 train controller, but also try out Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver gameplay and Rollcage gameplay. There’s the Beatmania controller for Beatmania PS1 gameplay looking very similar to DJ Hero, there’s the Pop n Music controller for Pop n Music arcade gameplay that would be ported as Pop n Music PS1. The Ascii Grip One Handed controller for PS1 one handed controller goodness, a Japanese only Tekken 3 arcade stick for Tekken arcade action at home with Tekken 3 PS1 joystick goodness, the Wu Tang Clan controller made especially for Wu Tang Clan Shaolin Style gameplay also known as Wu Tang Taste the Pain PS1 in PAL regions, the magical motion controller Airpad, and even the Gamester Evolution motion controller that was also on Nintendo 64 as well as PS1 motion controls, there’s a Madcatz third party controller, a Titan Concepts PS1 controller, the Namco PS1 controller sets with the Namco Negcon PS1 and Namco Jogcon PS1, an extremely rare PS1 floppy disk adapter alongside more rare PS1 games and accessories like a matte black Net Yaroze console, Lara Croft PS1 memory card, PS1 LCD screen and Japanese PS1 cell phone adapter for your 90’s PS1 mobile phone adapter – even great things like the PS1 multitap will be shown off, the Pockestation with Pocketstation games and even PS1 mouse for Quake 2 PS1 mouse gameplay, Myst PS1 mouse gameplay, Discworld PS1 mouse, Broken Sword 2 PS1 mouse, Final Doom PS1 mouse – there’s SO MUCH to see and laugh at. And yes… there’s even the Nintendo Power Glove of the PS1 – the PS1 power glove – the PS1 glove – the PS1 video game control glove. I don’t even need to say any more. PlayStation glove. Come on.

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