TRS-80 Collection and Easter Eggs (1980-1983) #SepTandy

September 26, 2020 0 By retrogamingdev

TRS-80 Collection and Easter Eggs (1980-1983) #SepTandy
As part of #SepTandy I’ve decided to take a quick look at each of my TRS-80 computers, along with demonstrating any easter eggs I know of. In this first installment: TRS 80 Model III, Pocket Computer, Color Computer, and Model 100.

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0:00 Intro to #SepTandy; some TRS-80 memories
2:10 TRS-80 Model III
6:44 TRS-80 Pocket Computer (PC-1)
11:52 TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo1)
13:28 TRS-80 Model 100
16:22 Preview of next time
17:45 Thanks to my patrons
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