Unboxing and Initial Setup of the Evercade VS Premium Pack Retro Console

April 11, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

Unboxing and Initial Setup of the Evercade VS Premium Pack Retro Console
In this episode, we walk you through the Unboxing and Initial Setup of the Evercade VS Premium Pack Retro Video Game Console.

There are many different ways to play retro games now, from virtual consoles to original consoles, retro pies, and more. There are also systems that come prepacked with a number of games, which is convenient but you never have an opportunity to expand your library unless you hack the system. For those who don’t want to deal with expensive upscalers on original hardware, and don’t want to pirate software, what are you left to do? That’s where the team at Evercade has come together with a retro system that uses cartridges to help you build a terrific retro video gaming library that you can play in 1080p with the Evercade VS.

The system you see here was sent to us from Ryan at Castlemania games. This version is called the Evercade VS Premium Pack, which includes the Evercade itself, two controllers, and two multicarts. Between both cartridges, you’ll have 18 different games to play, and there are more than 260 additional titles that you can purchase to build your library. While the hardware itself is fairly feature-packed, this box eliminates some features to keep costs down. You’ll need to purchase a separate AC adapter and HDMI cable as neither are included. For the AC adapter, a simple 5v 1a power supply will work for you.

The user manual and startup guide is a fairly thick multi-language affair. It walks you through all the features and setup of the unit itself, all of it should only take you a few minutes. if you can connect a Blu-ray player, you’ll be able to get this up and running. It does walk you through some of the features such as scan lines, controller mapping, and more.

Once freed from the box, we had a chance to actually check out the hardware. The system itself is rather unassuming, featuring four USB ports on the face with a multi-color LED strip above it. Above this, you have the cartridge Bay which can fit two cartridges at the same time. This is a neat feature, and what’s really cool is in the menu itself it shows all the games available on both cartridges plugged in if you so desire. If you prefer to just see what’s on cartridge one separate from cartridge 2 that is an option.

The controller itself, I don’t know if I’m going to like or not. It’s larger than the Super Nintendo controller as far as width and height, but it’s considerably thinner. It does feature separate L2 and R2 buttons along with L1 and R1, so in that vein, it’s more like a PlayStation controller. It features a 10 ft long USB cable on it so you can sit back and relax as you play.

The system does have built-in Wi-Fi in it, this allows you to update the firmware to add new features and patches as they are made available. There was a firmware update for mine, but when the update finished I got an error message, and the VS screen just stayed on my display, with a red tint to it. I had to do a hard reboot of the system by removing the power supply and reconnecting it, but once I did it worked normally. This is a bit odd to me.

Overall the fit and finish of the Evercade VS Premium Pack is very nice, it definitely feels like a quality unit in your hands. I’m excited to get more gameplay in with it as what I have gotten so far has been extremely user-friendly and fun. Make sure you are subscribed so you can see our full-blown review when it goes live soon.

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