[Vinesauce] Vinny – HD NES Games

[Vinesauce] Vinny – HD NES Games

May 12, 2023 0 By retrogamingdev

[Vinesauce] Vinny – HD NES Games
00:00 Intro
00:33 Metroid
09:15 Ice Climber
11:38 Kung-Fu
13:27 Zelda II:The Adventure of Link
23:17 Super Mario Bros.
27:02 Duck Hunt
29:24 Hogan’s Alley
31:08 Donkey Kong
32:32 Donkey Kong Jr.
35:05 Battle City
36:47 Circus Charlie
38:03 Megaman
43:37 Nuts & Milk
44:50 Shatterhand
48:27 TwinBee
51:16 Dr. Garfield (Virus/Dr. Mario)
56:41 Contra
59:50 Ninja Gaiden
01:02:06 Ninja Gaiden II
01:04:01 Super Mario Bros. (New)
01:05:07 Super Mario Bros. (Paper)
01:06:20 Castlevania
01:10:43 The Legend of Zelda
01:17:58 Outro
01:18:25 (Bonus) Zelda’s Adventure (Game Boy Remake)

Vinny plays HD NES Games for the Nintendo Entertainment System live on Vinesauce!
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Stream date: May 7th, 2023
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