Weekly Roundup #345 – February 22nd 2023

Weekly Roundup #345 – February 22nd 2023

February 23, 2023 0 By retrogamingdev

Weekly Roundup #345 – February 22nd 2023
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00:00 The last week for those shirts!! https://ift.tt/DcjraMV

01:37 Original GameCube Joy Cons vs Everything Else: https://ift.tt/cWDxYZO

03:46 WIP Saturn Cartridge ROM Cart: https://ift.tt/QzYH8cK

06:48 Dealing with swapped / counterfeit parts in an assembly (JLCPCB Sponsored Post)

13:09 Punch Out Behind The Code: https://ift.tt/ZWVw36J

14:21 FM Towns Marty ODE (Fixel’s): https://ift.tt/KThdP3Z

16:15 Genesis Big 6 Controller Reviews: https://ift.tt/Crj7EI6

19:38 New Rear Famicom Power & A/V Board: https://ift.tt/vXzgtrM

23:53 N64HD Mod: https://ift.tt/fEUNwI3

24:58 RMC Interview with Rebecca Heineman: https://ift.tt/RtLCMKW

25:52 Lu’s MiSTer Updates: https://ift.tt/13yvabp

28:50 Polymega is now an App: https://ift.tt/7WSUsyI

35:31 Thanks!!: https://ift.tt/tIBxdYM
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