What are the Twitter #RetroGaming Community’s favorite #NES games?

What are the Twitter #RetroGaming Community’s favorite #NES games?

November 27, 2018 0 By nate

NES Classic Edition 2018Last week, I asked a question on Twitter – “What are your TOP 3 favorite NES games?”. We all have our favorite NES games. In fact, it is hard to contain it to just 3 games, there are so many great ones!

Well, as you can probably guess, people had responses ready for this one. And I told everyone, that I would compile the responses into a nicely sorted list, because I wanted to know what games would come out on top! With nearly 200 responses, we get a pretty clear picture as to which games people loved the most.

Below is the final list of responses, sorted by most to least votes. It is no surprise what games came out toward the top. More surprising were some of the less expected games. One voter shared their love for Gyromite, which is a slightly obscure choice as it was one of the few games designed for use with the Robotic Operating Buddy (or R.O.B.). Another interesting thing I noticed, All Mega Man games were referenced at least once, except for Mega Man 5.  Was that not a fan favorite?  The last interesting choice I noticed was that someone decided to include Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a game that is fairly well know to be pretty bad (thanks to AVGN). But, that is OK – we all have our games that we love that others dislike.

Thank you to everyone who added their votes to this question!

Super Mario Bros. 368
The Legend of Zelda36
Mega Man 234
Mike Tyson’s Punch Out21
Castlevania 315
Super Mario Bros. 212
Final Fantasy11
Ninja Gaiden10
Super Mario Bros.10
TMNT 210
Double Dragon9
Tecmo Super Bowl8
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link8
Mega Man 37
Star Tropics7
The Guardian Legend7
Maniac Mansion6
Tecmo Bowl6
Castlevania 25
Dragon Warrior5
Bionic Commando4
Blaster Master4
Double Dragon 24
Dr. Mario4
River City Ransom4
Super Contra4
Blades of Steel3
Mega Man3
Metal Gear3
Metal Storm3
RBI Baseball3
Dragon Warrior 32
Dragon Warrior 42
Duck Hunt2
Guerilla War2
Journey to Silius2
Kirby’s Adventure2
Kung Fu2
Little Nemo2
Pro Wrestling2
Super Dodge Ball2
Adventure Island 21
Adventures of Lolo1
Adventures of Lolo 21
Adventures of Lolo 31
Balloon Fight1
Base Wars1
Baseball All Stars1
Battle City1
Battle of Olympus1
Blue Shadow1
Bubble Bobble1
Cobra Triangle1
Deja Vu1
Donkey Kong1
Double Dragon 31
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1
Dragon Ball Z Gaiden1
Dragon Spirit1
Final Fantasy 21
Final Fantasy 31
Fire & Ice1
Flying Warriors1
Ghost ‘N Goblins1
Godzilla: Monster of Monsters1
Gremlins 2: A New Batch1
Gun Nac1
Gun Smoke1
Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu1
Kabuki Quantum Fighter1
Legacy of the Wizard1
Little Samson1
Lords of Exile1
Mario Bros.1
Mega Man 41
Mega Man 61
Monster Party1
NES Open Tournament Golf1
Ninja Gaiden 21
Pools of Radiance1
Rockin’ Kats1
Silver Surfer1
Snakes Revenge1
Solomon’s Key1
Super Tecmo Bowl1
Tetris (Tengen)1
Three Stooges1
Track and Field1
Vice Project Doom1