What is Super Mario Land DX? CRAZY Aliexpress bootleg game

April 11, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

What is Super Mario Land DX? CRAZY Aliexpress bootleg game
What is this bootleg game? No, Seriously. Where did it come from? Why does it exist? Who thought this bad art was a good idea?

I purchased this extraordinary knockoff gameboy cartridge from your friendly neighborhood counterfeiters at AliExpress. I played a bit in my newly upgraded game boy color, and I uploaded it to the internet, for all of you to enjoy. In case you haven’t noticed, this gameboy game is fake.

The game appears to be a modified version, or “rom hack”, of the original gameboy game Super Mario Land (1989). The prominent fan made I found games that may be the one in this cartridge is one called “Super Mario Land DX” which was uploaded by a person named toruzz. But that game doesn’t look right. There is also another romhack I found called ” Super Mario Land Colour ” released by Drakon and Spikeman. That one looked a lot closer, but it may not be the exact patched game loaded into the game pak that I bought. Both games have updated the original art, and added color into a game that used to be in black and white.
It’s a little like what Nintendo did when they added Color to The Legend of Zelda: Link’s awakening and re released the game on Gameboy Color.

I impulse bought this weird game in a late night shopping spree, because I thought the art was a funny placeholder.

Fun Fact: The retro classic Super Mario Land (SML to us cool kids) was not developed by Shigeru Miyamoto (Super Mario Bros, NES), it was made by the team of Gunpei Yokoi – the original inventor of the game boy.

If you want a longer demo or a full playthrough, or walkthrough, of this colorized game boy game, then let me know with a comment. If you want to see my other electronics teardowns, check my channel.

0:00 I bought this strange fake game from aliexpress for $5
0:14 What is this weird super mario game
0:22 Is this game a meme or an nft
0:27 Just look at sml dx gbc
0:53 this nintendo knockoff was not made in japan
1:34 reproduction gameboy game or scam
1:41 lets play this shady game from china
2:06 Super mario land dx vs original super mario land comparison
2:16 vintage super mario land 1989 in grayscale
2:28 who made this rom hack
3:15 Tear down of boot leg gameboy color cartridge
4:19 whats inside a gameboy game pack
4:44 retro DMG-BEAN-02
5:06 chips inside of a nintendo game

Darn, I didn’t get this out in time for Mar 10 (It spells Mar10 get it?)
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