Who is Princess Daisy in the Mario Universe?

Who is Princess Daisy in the Mario Universe?

January 24, 2023 0 By retrogamingdev

Who is Princess Daisy in the Mario Universe?
Princess Daisy is a character with a lot of wasted potential in the Super Mario series. Where did she come from and why is she so underutilized? Let’s take a look into her origins and find out where Princess Daisy is the ruler of and other parts of her backstory that aren’t discussed as much. On this episode of Origin Oracle, we’ll travel to the Empire of Sarasaland and also look at where Daisy became a tomboy?

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0:00 – Intro to Princess Daisy
0:45 – Super Mario Land
0:58 – Super Mario Bros vs Super Mario Brothers
1:43 – Super Mario Land (continued)
02:58 – Who Created Princess Daisy?
04:48 – Super Mario Land (again)
06:44 – What happened to Princess Daisy?
07:35 – Daisy in Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64)
09:06 – Princess Daisy in Mario Spinoffs
10:59 – Why is Daisy Not in mainline Mario games?
11:54 – Daisy in the Super Mario Manga (Kodansha)
14:59 – Super Mario Compact Disco
15:49 – Super Mario Bros. Movie (1993)
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