Why Is Your NES A TV Station? (That’s Weird)

November 30, 2020 0 By retrogamingdev

Why Is Your NES A TV Station? (That’s Weird)
The title doesn’t lie, and the answer is mildly cursed but par for the course. Something I didn’t mention is that this applies to almost all consoles released in the entire decade, and in fact a significant number (like the Colecovision) ONLY had RF out; the NES was one of the first consoles to have composite at all. If I could do it all again I’d mention that. I’d also keep my Casio CZ-1000 instead of throwing it away when I was 25.

I can’t say it enough times: Don’t try this at home! Because it’s illegal but also because it’s mean to your neighbors! DTV is unreliable enough without the hobbyist next door making things worse. Be kind, share the spectrum, move over for bicycles.

The clip of Bonanza was not meant to be in the video but it was very funny sped up so I forgot to delete it. It was the episode where a mine collapses under the courthouse.

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