Polymega Console Review

Polymega Console Review

March 21, 2022 0 By retrogamingdev

You were so CLOSE!

Retrogaming is getting more “mainstream,” if you can call it that. The Polymega is an exciting device as you can use your older cartridges and CDs to play the games. Also, you can even install the games to memory, so the cartridges and CDs don’t wear out. But, there’s an issue. Watch the review by ShortCircuit to find out how the Polymega works and what they think of it!

Check out the Polymega at https://polymega.com/

0:00 – Kinda Retro Time
0:10 – Polymega backstory and overview
1:45 – Unboxing and build quality impressions
6:08 – Sponsor – Karma!
6:40 – Turning it on!
7:00 – Sega Saturn gaming impressions
7:48 – Virtual display impressions
8:10 – Playstation gaming impressions
8:43 – Installing game impressions
10:14 – Why won’t you work SNES?
10:46 – Game files thoughts
11:10 – Final thoughts